Are there long term contract commitments?

NO. We at Holler This do not believe in long term contracts. We want this system to work for you, however we know that things in business change on a daily basis. We don’t want to lock you into a contract you can’t get out of! All accounts across the board are set up on a Month-to-Month basis. If you want to cancel, we just ask for a 2 week notice before the next billing cycle, to ensure the payment is stopped in time!

Do my customers have to pay for an account too?

No way! Holler This is a FREE sharing site for them. The only thing your customers MUST do to receive a deal at your place is to first SHARE the deal with their friends on social networking sites. Our state of the art system knows when they shared, and they don’t get access to your coupon/deal until they share! We do ask them for their e-mail address, and permission to track their “shares”, so that they can benefit from referral deals. This is completely optional though.

Do I have control over what deals or coupons my customers are getting?

Absolutely! Once you register your account, you will have a log-in name and password to enter into your back office. There, you will have access to your coupons/ deals, and you will create the wording for each deal. You have 3 deals, called the LIVE Coupon, the GENERAL Coupon, and the REFERRAL Coupon. You set the terms, and the deals! The beauty of this system is that you can change your offers at any time, day or night! You can change them in a split second, even while your customers are in your store! Once you change them, they are instantly changed on our system… just scan your QR code and see for yourself!

What are the differences between the LIVE, GENERAL, and REFERRAL Coupons?

The LIVE coupon is the deal your customer will see on their Smart phone after they share your company by scanning your QR code on location. The GENERAL coupon is the deal that people will see on their social networks when one of your customers shares your company.
The REFERRAL Coupons are special deals that your customers will get in their e-mail in box, once a certain number of their friends share the deal they saw on their social networks. This is a bonus deal you are sending to your customer for referring so many people to you!

Should the LIVE coupon and the GENERAL coupon be different?

This is totally up to you! If you would like to offer 10% off to your customers who are AT your location (LIVE COUPON) and a better deal to those they are sharing it to – like a FREE APPETIZER – that works great. Some establishments will want to make their LIVE and GENERAL coupons the same exact deal, and that is fine too! You can get creative, and try something new every day, or even every hour if you’d like. The main reason Holler This gives you the option of having 2 deals – the LIVE and the GENERAL, is for tracking purposes. You will want to see how many people are sharing and getting the LIVE deal and you will want to see how many people are clicking on that GENERAL deal! Those numbers will be the magic, where you can SEE how fast your name is getting out there!! This is mainly for analytics purposes only!

Are my customers required to have a Smart phone with a QR Reader App installed on it?

No. Although having a Smart phone with a QR Reader is the easiest and fastest way to use the system, it is not required. However, they will need to have a phone or device that can access the internet. With internet access, all they need to do is go to Holler This.com and enter in the HT CODE that is located on your flyers. It is listed under the QR Code printed on all your marketing materials. They are then guided through the same steps a customer with a QR reader would do.

Can customers who don’t have smart phones, or internet capabilities still get deals?

YES! Although they will not be able to use a coupon instantly, they can take one of your business cards home and visit Hollerthis.com. There, they can enter the special code on your business card, which will lead them to your GENERAL Coupon. They can them share it, and will receive the General coupon which they can then print, and bring back next time! Cha-Ching – you just got a returning customer!

Can I just be listed on your web site, so that people can find me when they search my area?

Yes, you can register with Holler This.com for a basic listing on our search bar. Please fill out the form above and a representative will contact you with information.

What does it cost to set up a Holler This Account?

Please fill out the form above and a representative will contact you with our current pricing. BUT HURRY! We are offering a Limited Time Introductory Special!

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